New Research Says TV Drug Ads Are Misleading

Researchers at UCLA have come out criticizing TV drug ads, saying they appeal to viewers' emotion rather than giving out information.

According to the new study, only two developed countries - the United States and New Zealand - allow drug companies as much unfettered access to the TV airwaves. In fact, the average American television viewer now spends 16 hours a year watching prescription drug ads, "far exceeding the average time spent with a primary care physician," Frosch's team said.

16 hours a year? For the most part, I watch drug ads for comic relief. It's always fun to see the new and uncreative ways they attempt to get around the possible side effects list that they are required by law to include.

Study Blasts TV Drug Ads

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They don't need to air themselves that much. There enough sheeple out there that will baa all the way to the pharmacy after hearing about the latest drug on a radio-mercial while on their way to Burger King.

Posted by Tigger on January 31, 2007 5:00 PM | Permalink | Reply

I saw a disgusting "infomercial" claiming that the free untainted scents of flowers would "cure" crohn's. My bloood pressure went up too high.............

Posted by Gerald on July 28, 2007 8:41 AM | Permalink | Reply

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