Merck Wins Latest Vioxx Lawsuit

Merck has won the latest Vioxx lawsuit, with jurors finding that the drug was not responsible for 71-year-old Stewart Grossberg's heart problems. This is the fifth Vioxx lawsuit the company has won, with at least 16,000 more to go.

After deliberating several hours in California's first trial over Vioxx, the eight-man, four-woman jury determined that Merck was not negligent, did not conceal information and the drug did not cause Stewart Grossberg's health problems.

I can see why it's quite difficult to prove that a 71-year-old's heart problems were caused by a drug. So many things can cause heart problems in an elderly person. I think Merck is going to win most of these lawsuits. However, I think they're going to have a harder time winning the Fosamax lawsuits because it's a much clearer case of cause and effect. People don't get jaw necrosis every day.

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Merck has lot of money so no suprise that they won. I read a study Vioxx Lawsuit that says there are over 10,000 people who have been mistreated.

Posted by Anonymous on August 9, 2006 2:22 AM | Permalink | Reply

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