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September 29, 2006

Bayer's Trasylol Under Review by the FDA

The FDA has issued a statement about Bayer drug Trasylol. Trasylol is used to reduce bleeding and prevent the need for blood transfusions during certain types of heart surgery.

The FDA has been reviewing the safety of the drug since January 2006 after studies showed the drug may increase the risk of kidney failure, heart attack, and stroke. They held a public Advisory Committee meeting on Sept. 21, 2006 to discuss safety findings.

On Sept. 27, 2006, six days after the Advisory Committee meeting, Bayer Pharmaceutical informed the FDA about the results of a new study that found Trasylol "may increase the chance for death, serious kidney damage, congestive heart failure and strokes."

The FDA says they will continue to evaluate the safety of Trasylol and that physicians should in the meantime exercise caution when using the drug.

FDA Statement Regarding New Trasylol Data

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July 29, 2006

Ask Your Doctor What He Had for Lunch Today

Is your doctor prescribing your medication because you need it or because the drug company has buttered him up with free lunches delivered to his office every day?

Despite the amount they charge for a 15-minute visit, many doctors don't even have to pay for their own lunches. Drug companies send lunches and breakfasts to medical offices around the country and it affects what your doctor prescribes.

A former pharmaceutical representative, Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau, called lunch “incredibly effective” in lifting pharmaceutical sales for the companies where she worked, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Johnson & Johnson ... “We got the numbers of what the physicians were prescribing. If I brought in lunch one week, I could see the following week if that lunch had an impact,” Ms. Slattery-Moschkau said.

Drug Makers Pay for Lunch as They Pitch

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